Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holiday Rush

Twelve percent of all wedding engagements in the U.S. happen in the month of December. That's why there's a rush of interest in booking wedding vendors in the following months - January, February and March.

My suggestion to couples who already have a wedding date set for next year is to have most, if not all, of your wedding vendors booked before the holidays. That way, you will avoid the additional competition for wedding vendors that comes from the "surge" of newly engaged couples. Waiting too long might mean losing your number one pick of banquet hall, DJ/band, photographer, etc. You may even end up paying more for your second or third pick of vendor.

Booking your wedding DJ 8 to 12 months in advance is recommended. That means signing a contract and sending in your deposit. Vendors will appreciate you for being well organized and you will have peace of mind that the major considerations for your special day are in place. If you know that you want a particular vendor but lack the money for the required deposit, contact the vendor and ask about alternative payment options.

A little time spent planning now will go a long way in avoiding unneccesary frustration after the holidays. Good luck and happy holidays!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How We Named Our Company

Some people are curious to know how we came upon the name "My Life Media" for our company.

One answer is, that the music one uses to celebrate a significant moment, whether it be a wedding, graduation, anniversary, family reunion, etc. is an important type of media that reflects one's own tastes and personality. Music has a powerful affect on us and is as unique as those listening or dancing to it. Music has always been a basic component of one's very culture. When we "bring" music to an event, we are making available to our client a form of media that celebrates a special moment in their life - thus "My Life Media" - is the music media that one uses to celebrate life as considered through the perspective of those enjoying it. The name was changed slightly in late 2014 to "My Life DJ Services" when we registered with the state of Ohio to become a limited liability company.

Another answer to the question is a little more coincidental. Company owner, Jim Gepperth, was listening to the radio on the day that we were considering what to name the company (we were debating several options). At the very moment we were about to decide - the Beatles song "In My Life" came on. The song was written primarily by John Lennon with some input from Paul McCartney.  It was designed as a life reflection put to music. We knew immediately that the name My Life would work. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you'll hear a message that strongly supports the meaning behind our work - appreciating special people and significant moments in our life. Our company exists to help people celebrate significant moments with music. More selfishly, the name gives us reason to play that classic Beatles song whenever someone asks how we named the company.  Listen to the song and watch a short tribute to John Lennon here!

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